Moodle 2.X bulk suspend users userbulksuspend


Not the best practice so please use it as quick fix to build your own bulk suspend operation under “Bulk user actions”.

We need to modify few files

  • lang/en/moodle.php
  • admin/user/user_bulk.php
  • admin/user/user_bulk_forms.php

And create a new custom file called “user_bulk_suspend.php”




  • add drop down item “Suspend Users”

So first thing first: admin/user/user_bulk.php holds “Bulk user actions” page where you can find drop down menu with functions like: confirm, send a message, delete…. to add a new drop down item we need to modify “user_bulk.php” file.

add new case under case 8 add this line => case 9:

  • rename ugly [[suspend]] item to friendly form such as “Suspend Users”

You should be able to see a new drop down item such as “[[suspend]]” to rewrite the name to let’s say “Suspend Users” we need to modify second file “lang/en/moodle.php” which holds all messages. Add thisline.

$string['suspend'] = 'Suspend users';
  • add a logic into drop down menu

Add a logic to the drop down menu – place this code:

if (has_capability('moodle/user:update', $syscontext)) {
            $actions[9] = get_string('suspend');
under “class user_bulk_action_form” located in “user_bulk_forms.php”
  • and grand final lets add our custom bulk operation
    Create a new file called user_bulk_suspend.php and place this code into it
* script for bulk user suspend operations
* Custom module created by Celox Group
$confirm = optional_param('confirm', 0, PARAM_BOOL);
require_capability('moodle/user:update', get_context_instance(CONTEXT_SYSTEM)); //user:delete
$return = $CFG->wwwroot.'/'.$CFG->admin.'/user/user_bulk.php';
if (empty($SESSION->bulk_users)) {
echo $OUTPUT->header();
if ($confirm and confirm_sesskey()) {
    list($in, $params) = $DB->get_in_or_equal($SESSION->bulk_users);
    $rs = $DB->get_recordset_select('user', "id $in", $params);
    foreach ($rs as $user) {
        if (!is_siteadmin($user) and $USER->id != $user->id and $user->suspended != 1) {
$user->suspended = 1;
            $user->timemodified = time();
$DB->set_field('user', 'suspended', $user->suspended, array('id'=>$user->id));
            $DB->set_field('user', 'timemodified', $user->timemodified, array('id'=>$user->id));
            events_trigger('user_updated', $user);
        } else {
            echo $OUTPUT->notification(get_string('deletednot', '', fullname($user, true)));
    session_gc(); // remove stale sessions
    redirect($return, get_string('changessaved'));
} else {
    list($in, $params) = $DB->get_in_or_equal($SESSION->bulk_users);
    $userlist = $DB->get_records_select_menu('user', "id $in", $params, 'fullname', 'id,'.$DB->sql_fullname().' AS fullname');
    $usernames = implode(', ', $userlist);
    echo $OUTPUT->heading(get_string('confirmation', 'admin'));
    $formcontinue = new single_button(new moodle_url('user_bulk_suspend.php', array('confirm' => 1)), get_string('yes'));
    $formcancel = new single_button(new moodle_url('user_bulk.php'), get_string('no'), 'get');
    echo $OUTPUT->confirm(get_string('suspendcheckfull', '', $usernames), $formcontinue, $formcancel);
echo $OUTPUT->footer();


Now you should be able to perform bulk suspend action

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